The Liebster Award.

I started this blog in July 2014, and only just recently starting posting actively, and so was happily surprised to have been nominated for The Liebster Award by the very gracious Melis, whose blog Infinite Daydreamer I discovered in the #Press’verse and connected with.

We had a discussion about the nature of The Internet, and how the (relative) anonymity of life online levels the playing field – where I can listen to anyone in the world, and where anyone in the world can have their voice heard. We don’t have to be super-famous (yet), or have money, or power and influence. Technology is the great equalizer; The Internet the great democratizer.

Back to the award — insofar as I’ve researched, The Liebster Award is a phenomenon among the online writing community, whereby those nominated go on to welcome and recognize others, and so on. It has its basis in the definition of “liebster”:

liebster | lieb’ste | (German) noun. Dearest, beloved, darling, welcome; adjective. Kind, pleasant, valued.

In reading about it, I came across the opinion that this is something negative – as the award operates much like a chain letter, forwarded person to person across the interwebs. “Not I,” said Kai.

I think The Liebster Award is a solid example of how the interwebs facilitate the formation of worldwide communities. The relationships here are based on a different kind of connection – sometimes more deep, open, and honest than their face-to-face counterparts. I think The Liebster Award is a genuine gesture of goodwill and friendship; a way for us little people to recognize each other; to connect with someone we might never meet in person.

The catch: To accept the award, you must have less than 200 followers subscribed to you; answer a list of questions; and go on to nominate others. The specifics vary, but these are the ones I was nominated with, and so will I follow.

Now, for those of you who are actively following me (all three of you), you’ll know I just started on a new show, and I’m actually in a different city, hence my short hiatus. So, I’ve decided to split up my posting process and answer each question individually, followed by my own nominations. Stay tuned.

P.S. If anyone knows the song I referenced in the title, my hat is off to you. I literally can’t say those words without thinking the tune in my head. Brings me back..



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