My name is Kai. I work in The Biz. The one with big lights and red carpets and explosions. Yup, that one. But my daily life includes far fewer red carpets and a lot more 15-hour days. I do love the big lights, though. #balloonlightsfuckinrock #livingthedream

What is True Fandom? How is it different from any other type of fandom? Why is it “true”? Am I implying that “regular” fandom isn’t good enough? Who am I to talk about fandom?

The answer is: “True Fandom” is an adjective. It’s the animated conversation (or heated debate) you have with friends as you walk out of the theater that first time. It’s the intense connection two people can have with nothing more than a deck of cards; a piece of jewelry; or a certain brown coat. It’s what drives people to study music, become an engineer, or start a charity to plant trees.

True Fandom is an idea; a thought I’ve had in my head since I went to San Diego Comic Con (the Khaaaaan of all cons) for the first time in 2011.

(OK, TF is really more of a noun, but hopefully I’m making sense.)

TLDR: True Fandom is everything great about fandom – the passion; the community; the inspiration.

Perhaps, the difference between “regular” fandom and True Fandom is that there is no hate in True Fandom. The terms “casual fan” and “hardcore fan” don’t exist in True Fandom. True Fandom doesn’t hyper-focus on celebrity. Book readers don’t look down on fans of the movie. Appropriated materials (like cosplay, fan fiction, and memes) are shared and encouraged, regardless of the skill level with which they are made.

True Fandom is creating/learning/doing what you want, and doing it well, because it’s what you want to do.


And who am I?

I’m a fan. I work in the film industry. What does that mean? It means I geek out over set design, props, and (my favorite) special effects, etc. while my co-workers roll their eyes and smile fondly. Or so I hope.

The purpose of this blog to is explore fandom – what it means for the future of the entertainment industry and for our society. Fandom is a cultural process, and particularly, fandom from the point of view of an industry professional is a unique and exciting entry into said process. One I’m hoping people are interested in engaging with.

Here you’ll find stories, thoughts, and random #sessions from me and my coworkers. Ask me questions. Comment. Be passionate. You are my people. I’m lucky enough to be living the dream, and to be able to share my experiences with you.




That being said, if you’re looking for spoilers, set visits, or anything else creeper!tastic (for you) or unprofessional (for me), you’re gonna have a bad time. Because I love my job more than you. I’m not sorry.




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    1. I’m really sorry but I’ve just realised that you have more than 200 followers and aren’t actually eligible for this award. I forgot to double check how many followers you have before commenting x


    2. Heh okay. My stats page says I have 13 followers, but my widget seems to count my Twitter followers as well. To quote those at the Oscars – it was an honor to be considered; I appreciate it.


    3. Sorry about that, I didn’t realise widgets actually did that. If you officially only have 13 followers regardless of twitter followers then you are eligible for the award and i would love to nominate you (sorry if this has all been confusing i’m still getting used to wordpress even after a few months) congrats! 🙂


    4. No it’s absolutely fine, I can officially nominate you now. All you have to do is answer the questions and nominate some other blogs of your choice 🙂

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