The Meta Post

I’m not a huge fan of continuously re-hashing my ideas behind blogging, and why, and how – so this one will be pretty short. (When I go meta, I prefer to talk fandom.)

Liebster Award Question #4. What is your favourite aspect of blogging?

My favorite part of having a blog is interacting with other writers. I started TF to share my ideas with others, and to practice writing in general. I even hold out hope that I may find a creative partner somewhere out there in the Interwebs.

Every time I comment on someone’s blog, or someone does on mine, I feel a thrill at the connection we’ve made, however small.

Liebster Award Question #5. Which project, recipe, or idea on my blog would you most like to try yourself?

I’m totally stealing Melis‘ “Trail Mix” posts, which she got from her nominator Katie. It’ll do my blog some good to have a wider variety of posts than the geeky thought-experiments that come out of my brain.

There’s also a similar idea I’ve stumbled across since I was nominated (oh, don’t remind me how long ago…) that I would like to mash up with a Trail Mix. It’s called “If We Were Having Coffee”, and I first saw it on Zen & Π.

I’m very drawn to this style of post because 1) I love coffee, and 2) it feels like a personal, intimate conversation versus a bulleted list. I also think it may help me become a more regular poster.

Working on the first one. Stay tuned!

Liebster Award Question #6: Where does your blog inspiration come from?

Believe it or not, my boss pushed me to start this blog. I had the idea for a long time, and shared it with him, and he pushed me to stop talking about it and Just Do It. (Swoosh)

He now also has a blog. You should check it out. So proud.

The inspiration from my blog comes from the random conversation I have with my friends and co-workers; from every argument I have about inexplicable studio decisions; from every detailed discussion about the interplay between the creative and the business; and from my own thoughts about fandom – what it means to be a fan, and how my fandom helps me (or doesn’t) in my chosen career.

TF has been hard to define and harder to explain. Stick with me and I’ll do better.

Liebster Award Question #10: In your opinion, what’s the best blog post you’ve written so far and why?

I strongly feel that my best post so far is “Yugen“, which I wrote at the top of the year in response to a Daily Post prompt. I was unemployed working on my own projects, so I was writing fairly regularly at the time.

What started as a prompt post became an existential exercise on my life-work balance and connected my love of Firefly, reddit, and space.

It’s definitely my favorite post and the one that’s been most liked and commented on so far. I still look at the picture every now and then and it still brings back the FEELS.



Three chords and a TED Talk

Three chords and a TED Talk

This fan writes songs about talks that move him. Inspiration from inspiration from inspiration.


TED Blog

Singer and songwriter Nigel Gordon writes songs on his guitar inspired by TED Talks. Singer and songwriter Nigel Gordon writes songs on his guitar inspired by TED Talks.

Many people feel a burst of inspiration after watching a TED Talk. Some take action by volunteering their time or making a donation. Nigel Gordon, on the other hand, has an individual reaction: He writes songs about TED Talks he loves.

A singer and songwriter, as well as an entrepreneur, Gordon got his introduction to TED when a friend sent him Sir Ken Robinson’s “How schools kill creativity.” “I’ve been a TED addict ever since,” he says.

In 2012, Gordon heard Sugata Mitra’s talk “The child-driven education,” which tells the story of what happened when Mitra embedded a computer in a wall in a slum in India, and came back to discover that kids had used it to teach themselves a wide range of subjects. (Mitra would go on to win…

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yugen | yoo’gen | noun (Japanese). An awareness of the universe that triggers an emotional response too deep and mysterious for words.

I work a lot. Like many. I do it for lots of reasons – to get ahead in my career, to make money, because it’s expected, blah blah blah blah.

And while I’m very passionate about what I do and know at the end of each day that I’m okay with the sacrifices I’ve made, I still feel every now and then a sort of heaviness – where I start second-guessing the validity of my choices, and doubting myself. I imagine everyone gets it. I call it “burnout”.

If you haven’t seen this already, it’s a composite of NGC 224 (the Andromeda Galaxy) sized against the Moon and lit to be as bright. I came across this browsing on Reddit, and spent a long time looking at it.

Without further ado, I give you my happy place. My serenity. My yugen:

Source: This image was created by Tom Buckley-Houston, who composited a photo (moon and background) by Stephen Rahn with a NASA/JPL-Caltech image of Andromeda. Credit also goes to Reddit user SniperWolfX117, who reposted the image with the caption “yugen”.

I love space and astronomy. There’s something transcendent about looking up and seeing things infinitely bigger than yourself. This picture captures that feeling so perfectly – to think that there’s an entire galaxy, wider than our Moon, there in the sky if we could see it. I wonder what life would be like if we could see Andromeda in our night sky. Or if the Earth had rings. I wonder how the world and our ways of thinking would be different.

One could say it can make you feel small and insignificant, but I really don’t see it that way. I look at this picture and see possibility. The literally unlimited potential of humankind (and by extension, myself). I look at this picture and want to strive for improvement. To be someone who makes change; that maybe is included in the history of this pale blue dot; for someone far from now to look back on. Hopefully with a shred of dignity and honor.

I look at this picture, and the worries and problems that threaten to overwhelm me seem…not so overwhelming anymore.



Written for the Daily Post photo challenge: Serenity.