#CoffeeDate No. 1, Delta 3788

#CoffeeDate No. 1, Delta 3788

This is shamelessly stolen from a blog I follow (Zen and Pi, to be exact).

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m happy to share our first #coffeedate. I haven’t done this before…but, hey. I’m here, you’re here. Let’s just go with it. I’m having a great time already.


If we were having coffee…


I would say it’s late for coffee. I’m cruising at 32,000 feet, headed to The Big Apple. Leaving work behind for the moment (or trying to).

I’m conflicted as I sit here, with my cup (of not coffee, actually, I got sparkling water from the flight attendant). I left work early to get to the airport (after submitting my time card, ironically).

Overall, I’m enjoying the new project I’m on. I’m in a different position, and excited to be learning new things. Specifically I’m feeling the “don’t fuck this up” vibe you get with any new “first”. I haven’t felt it in a while.

Feels good.

Why New York? I signed up for a Halloween race with my sister. We’re going as Starfleet cadets, and I’ve convinced her to stop and salute everyone we see who’s wearing a Starfleet uniform. It’s gonna be great.


Well, seat backs and tray tables in their full upright positions.

This was nice. We should do it again soon.



(Photo credit: Coffee + Laptop by Tom Eversley.)